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For over five decades the Foundation has enabled many of those working in our local health sector to undertake research aimed at improving the health of the Hawke's Bay community.   To date over $2.5 million has been invested in an extensive and outstanding portfolio of research. Your generous donation will enable the Foundation to continue its role as an independent research group, focused on improving the health of our region.  

Make a donation using your credit card

You can easily make a secure donation using the link above if you have a credit card. Simply put in the amount you want to donate, click the ‘Donate’ button and enter your details.  

Donate via Internet Banking

Our bank account details are as follows

Hawke’s Bay Medical Research Foundation Inc : 02-0700-0011827-000

Your Help via a Legacy in your Will

A suitable clause in your Will would read

"I GIVE AND BEQUEATH the sum of $ free of all duties to THE HAWKE'S BAY MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION INCORPORATED for its general purpose AND I DECLARE that the receipt of its Secretary for the time being shall be a good and sufficient discharge therefore to my trustees."

All donations, bequests and gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible.

For any inquiries regarding donations or membership please contact

The Secretary at :

Thank you for your Help!